While face masks are now optional, due to increase in whooping cough infection, we ask anyone with respiratory symptoms such as a cough or cold to continue to wear one

Keep us up to Date

Please let us know as soon as possible if you change your personal information such as change of address, name, phone number, etc, and to notify us of your communication and consent preferences.

Text messaging service:

We use a secure text messaging service to allow us to communicate with you about your health, healthcare services and changes or improvements in the practice. Patients report that they find this method of communication very helpful and it often speeds up care and treatment as well as ensuring patients are informed about important changes in services. We hope you find this helpful however if you do not wish this device then please let the practice know by phone, letter, email or by texting ‘STOP’ in response to a text received from us.

Please note we use ‘implied consent’ in using your mobile number in line with the Data Protection Act and GDPR as they apply to healthcare services.